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  • Writer's pictureAlain Lord Mounir

Come on, now even our Finnish friends are falling into shitty polemics?

We like them or not, but in Washington, Helsinki, Paris or Madrid, it's time we gave a little peace to our elected officials when it comes to their private lives, right?

I am talking about a 36 years old elected woman officials in this case who have to suffer media attacks or apologize because a photo or video shows them having fun at a private party with friends. Seriously I have to asked my doctor if this action is a serious problem to love music, sports or Happy hour ?

Certainly in this "showtime Society " that we live when 24 hours news are running , everything is tricky and the politician must be vigilant as to his image. But is this the society we want? And in this case, don't we take the opportunity to moralize two balls when we ourselves exonerate ourselves? Why we demand to our politicians what we would not accept for ourselves?

I remember that at one time, a French Prime Minister had to justify himself for being "an austere who never laughs" because he was accused of being too serious. Quite a turnaround!

If entering politics means having to give up good humor, friends or some pleasures of youth, we may well end up with nightcaps for only rulers!

“Ah, Balladur, ton fantôme reigne” encore as we said in French...

So yes we should all asked ourselves, which political representatives do we want? Saints, in real life? Copies? But of what, of whom. ?

Or people like us? Responsible personalities, but also with character, and why not, who like to party (I obviously exclude in principle the profiteers and those who are constantly looking for free passes)?

Well, you have understood it: I like politicians who love and understand people, so I favor the cheerful and epicureans assumed especially that often, by their vitality, they are the best allies to fight against the recession.


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